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Sunday, April 13, 2014

jcBENCH 0.8.753.0413 release for x86/Win32

Posted By Jarred Capellman

In working on the ia64/Win32 port a few weeks ago, I realized I hadn't completed the CPU Detection nor released an x86/Win32 client in over a year. New since the last release is the complete cpu detection and now uses the common code base across all of the platforms. Result uploading will be coming in the big 0.9 release (hoping for next month).

In general though, I hope to add more platforms to my ever expanding list and offer a quick way to download the client for the platform you wish to test. The existing jcBENCH page was a carry over from the WordPress page I created a very long time ago now - look for that also to coincide with the 0.9 release.

In general I have current native ports for the following platforms:

And older (need to recompile and update) the following:
-ppc/MacOS X
-x86/MacOS X
-arm/Windows Phone 8

With ia64/Win32 and alpha/Win32 releases coming this month - just waiting on obtaining VC++ 6.0 for Alpha and some quirks in ia64/Win32 CPU Detection.

I'm looking to add x86/FreeBSD and Windows Store to the list sooner than later.

For those looking for the x86/Win32 release click here.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Visual Studio 2013 - The extension manifest is invalid

Posted By Jarred Capellman

After coming back from BULD 2014 yesterday, I wanted to get my desktop all updated with the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC update, the Roslyn .NET Compiler CTP and the .NET Native Compiler.

The update to Visual Studio 2013 installed without a hitch as did the .NET Native Compiler, however the Roslyn vsix file errored out with the following error:
Project Roslyn VSIX failing to install

Guessing the error was related to my recent installing of Visual Studio 2010 to do ia64 development (more on that this week), I searched around and could only find one person reinstalling Visual Studio 2013 - definitely not something I was willing to do.

Checking in Windows Explorer with the Open With...Choose default program... option I noticed the Visual Studio 2010 Icon was associated with the Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector:
Windows Explorer showing VS2010 Version Selector

I clicked More options, and then scrolled down to Look for another app on this PC:
Windows Explorer selecting Look for another app on this PC

I then navigated to my Visual Studio 2013 install (c:\Program FIles (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE folder and selected VSIXInstaller.exe: Selecting Visual Studio 2013s VSIXInstaller

After selecting the Visual Studio 2013 VSIXInstaller application, Roslyn installed and I should note the icon in Windows Explorer (as expected) updated to the 2013 version:
Windows Explorer reflecting VS2013 VSIXInstaller Icon

For those having issues with a 2012 VSIX, simply use c:\Program FIles (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE instead.

Hopefully that alleviated someone having to reinstall Visual Studio as it did for me.