This is the first text version of this program. If you want the qbasic version download it of “”. If you heard Jarred Arts is going to make an Os you are right. Its going to be called Open Portal 98. It will be out in Spring 98 or early. We are not having beta testers for Open Portal 98. We want to surprise you. It will not be as good as your dream machine Os but better. It will be easy for a 5 year old to use. There will be new versions of all of our programs. There will also be shipping a New Utilities version when or after Open Portal 98 will be out. Shoot a Rama 3 is being beta tested right this moment. It will be out on time or earlier. As for Star Wars Trivia Game Part 3 it will be delayed to early next year. Around the time of Open Portal 98. Most likely we will have Star Wars TG part 3 will be a Open Portal 98 version first. This was added on the day this actually first came out. The updates are that there will be Shoot a Rama Anniversary Edition with all of the shoot a Rama titles. And Shoot a Rama 4 will be out in late 1998.
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