After a considerably longer than expected development time, the big new 0.5 release of jcBENCH is finally available. You can download it from here. [caption id="attachment_1510" align="aligncenter" width="300"] jcBENCH WPF 0.5 Release[/caption] With this new release is an all new WPF GUI and a new C++ Library to help facilitate cross-platform development. The idea being, use the same C++ code across all platforms and to just develop a frontend for each. Also new is a built in viewer of the Top 10 Results and the return of the ability to submit results. Some future enhancements down the road:
  1. OpenCL Benchmark, with my restructuring I have to re-code my C# OpenCL code -> C++ OpenCL code and then add support to the app to determine if OpenCL drivers exist
  2. More comprehensive comparing of results, filtering down to similar spec machines, comparing CPUs used, Manufacturer etc
  3. Ability to run the whole test suite at once (ie if you have a 6 CPU, benchmark it with each CPU used
  4. IRIX 6.5 and Windows Phone 8 clients
If you have suggestions/requests, please let me know, I'm definitely interested in hearing what people have to say.