Started on a new, well old project I've wanted to do since 2002-2003. Back then there was no real way to handle and manage network renderings with 3ds max 4.x/5.x aside from the very basic Backburner application. So I came up with netMAX, a Perl based manager that would email me when renders were done and an eta so while I was at High School I could be notified and check on renderings. Fast forward 9-10 years, been out of the 3D Animation/Rendering for several years, but after acquiring several rackmount servers I had been looking for a way to really utilize them. I had purchased Maya 2011 nearly 2 years ago, but hadn't really used it as I had always been a 3ds max guy. Looking around my old boxes of stuff, I uncovered my old 3ds max 4.2 and Maya 6.5 boxes. Happy I found Maya 6.5 as it was the last version to be supported on IRIX I immediately looked into seeing if Maya 2011 could export to 6.5. Fortunately, saving the Maya scene files in ASCII format and then adjusting several lines (or hundreds depending on the scene), I wrote a C# script to parse out elements that 6.5 couldn't understand. Copying that Maya ASCII scene file (.ma) to my Origin 300 and running from the /usr/aw/maya6.5/bin folder: [bash] Render [/bash] Produced test.tiff: [caption id="attachment_1006" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="jcPIDR First Test Image"][/caption] Still got a good bit of work left:
  1. Web Service to handle all of the traffic
  2. SQL Database Schema to store the job history
  3. Web Interface to submit/cancel/manage jobs
  4. Handle Textures properl
And if I get fancy, a built in way to export to jcPIDR from Maya.
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