First off, things have been a bit hectic since my last posting (sadly almost a month ago). I’ve been doing extensive volunteer work for an all new custom ASP.NET MVC 5 web application for the Baltimore GiveCamp to the point it’s become a second job (for better or for worse).

In between that work and my day job, I managed to get jcBENCH its own domain along with an all new MVC/WebAPI site hosted on Azure. Newly available is a Windows Store port along with an updated Android port (the last update to the Android port was 2.5 years ago – good to get that done). Big changes in the 0.9 release is the ability to upload your results across every platform along with a new scoring system to better show performance across all devices. Every platform but IRIX/MIPS3 and MacOSX/x86 ports have been updated (hoping to get these done sometime this week). More to come on that front in regards on the web site in regards to graphs and comparisons (along with some responsive UI fixes on lower resolution displays). As of right now every current major platform outside of iOS and Blackberry have ports. If someone wishes to waive the iOS Store fee and Xamarin Framework license fee, I would be happy to do the iOS port. For a free app, I just can’t justify the cost.

In addition a project I’ve resurrected from July/August 2008, I finally figured out how to actually implement it (it wasn’t a focus of my time for sure – I can only remember one instance since where I actually opened Visual Studio to work on it). Technology has definitely advanced far beyond where it was then and I’ve added several extremely neat features (at least to me) purely from how far I’ve come as a programmer in the 6 years since. My goal is to have an alpha released sometime in August. What is neat, is that no one else (to my knowledge) has done anything of this scope or functionality – nor to this scale, especially by a single developer.

Along with this project, two smaller libraries will also be released freely with the hope of some adoption, but at the end of the day I am making them to assist myself in all future projects (creating a jcPLATFORM for lack of a better name). If no one else uses them, there will be no sorrow on my part.

More to come in the days ahead – two long blog posts and the remaining two ports of jcBENCH in particular.