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A couple months ago I uncovered a floppy disk with unknown content.
Shoot A Rama 2000 3.5 inch floppy

Judging by the cover on the disk I knew it had content from at least 13 years if not more. Fortunately, I had just purchased a USB Floppy Drive for work on my Digital Personal Workstation.

To my surprise:
Shoot A Rama 2000

Shoot A Rama 2000

I had long since thought I had lost the sole floppy disk copy I knew I had made nearly 14 years ago on Christmas Eve 1999. I programmed it in Borland C++ 5.02 on Windows NT 4.0 and it marked the first game I utilized my then brand new 2D VGA Engine, GORE. Unfortunately I don't have the source code any more, but for those wishing to launch it in Dosbox (or on an older O/S) can download it here.