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After updating a large ASP.NET 4.5 WebForms Friday, this afternoon I started to take a look into the new features in the release and discovered the "lightweight" rendering mode of the RadWindow control. Previously - going back to 2011/2012 one of my biggest complaints with the RadWindow was the hacking involved in order to make the popup appear relatively the same across Internet Explorer 9, Chrome and Firefox. Some back and forth with Telerik's Support left much to be desired, so I ended up just padding the bottom and it more or less worked. Thus my excitement for a possible fix to this old problem - turns out the new lightweight mode does infact solve the issue, across Internet Explorer 11, Firefox and Chrome there are only minimal differences now for my popups content (W3C Validated DIVs for the most part).

This is where the fun ended for me temporarily - in the Q2 2013 (2013.2.717.45) release, the h6 tag for the Title was empty:

I immediately pulled open the Internet Explorer 11 Developer Tool Inspector and found this curious:
Not enjoying hacking Control Suites, but needed to implement a fix ASAP so I could continue development, I simply put this CSS Override in my WebForm's CSS Theme File: [css] .RadWindow_Glow .rwTitleWrapper .rwTitle { width: 100% !important; } [/css] Depending on the Skin you selected, you will need to update the name of the class. Hope that helps someone out there - according to the forums, it is a known issue and will be in the Q2 SP1 2013 Release, but in the mean time this will correct the issue.
This morning I was adding a document handling page in an ASP.NET WebForms project that uses ASP.NET's Theming functionality. Part of the document handling functionality is to pull in the file and return the bytes to the end user all without exposing the actual file path (huge security holes if you do). Since you're writing via Response.Write in these cases, you'd want your ASPX markup to be empty otherwise you'll end up with a Server cannot set content type after HTTP headers have been sent exception that if you've done WebForms development you know full well what the cause is. For those that don't, the important thing to remember is you need to return only the file you are returning. That means no HTML markup in your ASPX file. Upon deploying the code to my development server I received this exception: ASP.NET Theme Exception Easy solution? Update your Pageset EnableTheming="false", StylesheetTheme="" and Theme="" on the page you want to have an empty markup.
<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" EnableTheming="false" StylesheetTheme="" Theme="" CodeBehind="FileExport.aspx.cs" Inherits="SomeWebApp.Common.FileExport" %> ]]>
Not something I run into very often as I roll my own Theming Support, but for those in a legacy situation or inherited code as I did in this case, I hope this helps.