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As some may have noticed, my site has undergone a slight revamp. Since going live with my ASP.NET MVC 4 based blog in April 2013 I had making the site responsive from a mobile phone to desktop one of my top priorities when feeling the desire to do web development outside of work. A project at work on the horizon in a few months from now demanded I invest the time in my off-hours to get 100% comfortable with the latest techniques. Along with the responsive design, I redid the routing to take advantage of MVC 5's Attribute based routing and did away with the WCF Service that had been the back bone of my blog for nearly 2 years. The idea being now that you can have MVC and WebAPI services hosted in one solution (ideal for my blog - still not convinced that's a good seperation of concerns for larger enterprise projects), there is no reason for my blog to have 2 seperate solutions.

Along those same lines, my recent presentation at the Blue Ocean Competition on Xamarin Forms and C# in general made me turn a new leaf in regards to my side-projects. Starting a week or so ago, every day I've been checking in the complete source code to a project from my private Subversion repository I've kept for 8 years now. My thought process is that if 1 person finds even 1 thing they didn't know or could use, that's 1 more person who got use out of it than it simply sitting in my SVN repository until I went back around to work on it. As anyone whose followed my blog for any period of time knows I pick up a project, work on it for a while and then pick it back up a few months (or years) later.

That being said, in the coming weeks the platform that powers my blog, bbXP will also be made available on my Git Hub account. There's some work involved to get it to a more generic place along with cleaning up some of the code now that I've got another 2 years of MVC development under my belt.

Lastly, content wise I finally cleaned up my White Papers so everything is formatted properly now. I also began to fill in the gaps on the About Me page, still a lot of gaps in my development history that I want to document if only for myself.