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Spent the afternoon reading IronPython documentation and finally got a chance to play with it a bit. I have to hand it to Microsoft for making it extremely easy:
var ipy = Python.CreateRuntime(); dynamic pyTest = ipy.UseFile(""); ]]>
Only 2 lines of code to have access to a python script. For me this opens new doors for scripting operations I still typically write in PHP because of the simplicity of opening notepad and pushing it out to an IIS server running PHP. Now I can write a few line C# app with an interface to run whichever script I wish to run. Being curious about performance, I ported jcBENCH to use IronPython. To put it simply, the math operations pale in comparison to native C# math operations. The actual overhead in creating the Python Interpreter was negligible if anyone was curious even on an AMD C-50 (Dual 1ghz) Netbook with a OCZ Vertex 2 SSD. Porting it did bring an interesting idea, this could work for a workflow process. The ability to process multiple workflows utilizing PLINQ, but with the flexibility to adjust the logic in script and not in the C# code.