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A couple updates since my last "what I am doing" update back in July, still been extremely busy with the Baltimore GiveCamp MVC 5 Web Application and work itself. In between everything however, I have a few announcements.

First off, jcBENCH has a new compare results feature on the web site where you can compare up to 3 results with a bar graph. This feature will make it to the Windows Store and Windows Phone 8.1 apps in the coming weeks. In addition a new OpenCL enabled version is near BETA, just have to add error handling and do more testing. The OpenCL client will be released for Linux/x86 and Win32/x86 initially with a MacOSX/x86 release to come later.

A project my wife requested a few weeks ago is in the Windows Phone Store: jcTRENDNET. This application allows you to remotely view and manage Trendnet IP 751 WIC/WC cameras. More features to come, but a pretty feature filled 1.0 release.

The larger project I mentioned in my July update, is still being worked on. I ran into some huge technical hurdles, that while not impossible will require some extensive work to even get cranking with something of substance. My latest work has been leading me to design my own language to be interfaced with C++, but I'm still working out the short and long term goals.

Lastly, for the last week or two I've been attempting to get back into game development. After a good start last August, I lost momentum after 2 weeks or so for two reasons: last of mapping out what the game would be and other projects. This new idea is modular in the regards that the base game isn't terribly complex, but future features can be added on to enhance the game. At least initially it will only be a Windows Phone 8.1 game, but more than likely a Windows Store 8.1 game as well. I have yet to find a game that can captivate my time on my Lumia 1520 so this should solve it. More details to come with a release when it's done to quote id software.