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Going back to a post from a few weeks back, I'm proud to say all of the ppc/MacOS X code has been upgraded to the big 0.8 release a few months back.

You can download the 0.8.755.0504 release here.

For those curious on the latest code here at the results from Power Mac G5: [bash] jcBENCH 0.8.755.0504(ppc/MacOS X Edition) (C) 2012-2014 Jarred Capellman CPU Information --------------------- Manufacturer: Apple Model: PowerPC G5 (1.1) Count: 2x2 GHz Architecture: ppc --------------------- Running Benchmark.... Integer: 62.7726 seconds Floating Point: 142.774 seconds [/bash] In comparison a somewhat recent AMD E-350 D (Dual 1.6ghz APU) gets roughly the same numbers. To be fair, for an October 2005 G5 compared to a low end January 2011 processor it didn't do as bad as I would have thought. What is even more surprisingly, comparing the G5 to my HP DV7-7010us, the G5 is actually slightly faster in 2 threaded floating point tasks (probably the cache), 171.996 seconds. However in integer, my HP is considerably faster, 17.61328 seconds.

An updated version for x86/MacOS X should be available later this week as well as a x86/Linux release - stay tuned.