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Found a bug in either mono or WCF, not sure which one. But if you go to add a Web Reference in Mono Develop (2.8.5) and have an Entity Model Object as a parameter for an object some of the properties will be null. Debugging had me scratching my head as the object was populated prior to sending to the WCF Service. I hadn't tried it as a Native WCF Service in Mono Develop because I've had prior problems with that route. The solution I came up with was create a serializable object in your WCF Service that wraps the object like so: [Serializable] public class BenchResult { public string CPUName; .... } Then in your application your reference will contain (in my case a BenchResult object) the object you defined and upon populating and passing it to your WCF Service all of the data will be populated. Nearly 2 hours gone down the drain on that issue, hopefully it helps someone else.