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Last night I presented at CMAP's main meeting on using SQL Server's Geospatial Data functionality with MVC and Windows Phone with a focus on getting exposed to using the data types and the associated SQLCLR functions.

As promised, you can download the full Visual Studio 2013 solution (PCL, MVC/WebAPI application and the Windows Phone 8.1 application), in addition to the SQL script to run on your database and the Powerpoint presentation itself here.

Included in the zip file as well is a Readme.txt with the instructions for what you would need to update before running the solution:
-Update the Database Connection String in the Web.Config
-Update the WebAPI Service's connection string in the PCL
-Update the Bing Maps API Key in the Index/View of the MVC App

Any questions, concerns or comments leave them below or email me at jarred at jarredcapellman dot com. As stated during the presentation, this is not a production ready solution (there is no caching, error handling etc.), but merely a demo for one who wants to see how you can begin to use Spatial Data in your applications.