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I don't remember the exact day I switched from Internet Explorer 6 to Phoenix (Firefox's codename back in 2004/2005), but today I'm switching to Chrome. Since working at home nearly everyday and using my desktop virtually 24/7 I've been leaving my Firefox 9 browser opened with 2 or 3 tabs. After an hour or so of use my Firefox browser uses over 1.2gb of ram. Not sure if it's a memory leak or it is caching page content? I know Firefox 6 or 7 had a terrible memory leak that forced me to have to upgrade my wife's ram to 16gb since she leaves 20+ tabs open. Also noticed in the last month or two, searching on google images with lots of results brings Firefox to a hault (doesn't happen in IE 9 or Chrome). Much better: [caption id="attachment_801" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="Chrome with Amazon Cloud Player and 2 other tabs"][/caption]